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Recently, there has been a “media frenzy” about Dr. Chynn’s search for a good woman to meet, fall in love with, marry, and start a family with. This got generated not by any actions by Park Avenue SafeSight, but by a person who attended a networking reception with Dr. Chynn, and then published an email that Dr. Chynn sent him with every expectation of confidentiality (just like all of us wouldn’t want many of our emails posted on the web).

Dr. Chynn would like to set the record straight, that many of these “criteria” are either outdated (as the original email was sent a long time ago), or that they are not as “hard” as they sound (we all understand that email content can be easily misunderstood without the proper context–and certainly intentionally misconstrued, if that is the desire).

For example, Dr. Chynn fell in love with a woman several years ago, even though she never met his set of “ideal” parameters–she was older than him, Muslim (his family is Catholic), and had 2 daughters from a previous marriage because she had other qualities that really attracted him–she was creative, compassionate, grounded, spiritual, calm, confident, and generous. Eventually, they spoke about marriage, but unfortunately, she didn’t want to have more children (he wants kids). So they broke up, but spent three years on this relationship. So Dr. he decided that going forward, he would not start dating a woman unless they shared similar goals (like having kids).

Surprisingly, even though most of the people who “comment” on the discussion threads about this topic are posting negative things about Dr. Chynn (even though they know nothing about him and never met him), the vast majority of people who actually spend the time to contact us have been overwhelmingly supportive and kind. These include people writing to us saying how it is unfair and unbalanced to take one email out of context and ignore the fact that he has made tens of thousands of people in NYC and around the world (patients fly in to see us to have their eyes fixed when they can’t get LASIK, or to fix a LASIK complication), has raised over $100,000 for charity, and is an active member of his community, setting up a “lending library” on his block and starting a neighborhood watch.

Other people have contacted us who are friends or even parents of women who are also looking for love and a marriage partner, and asked us how to best make introductions to Dr. Chynn.  To facilitate this process, we are providing a tab below, where you can click and send an email describing your friend, and attach a few pictures. Dr. Chynn will reply to your offer if he is interested.

Just to be clear, since the NY Post article was riddled with inaccuracies (that we are trying to compel them to correct), the “reward” is as follows: If you, through the kindness of your heart, based on your desire to see someone you know and care about (your friend) find true love and be happy, and set that woman up with Dr. Chynn on a date, and he winds up marrying this woman, he will donate $10,000 to the charity of your choice in your name!