Dr. Chynn is training to follow and ride in the Tour de France in July 2013! He used to be an avid cylist, and rode his Colnago road bike from Atlanta to NYC by himself in 2 weeks, averaging 100 miles per day, after he completed his Fellowship in Refractive Surgery at Emory in 1997.

He is now 15 years older, so needs all the help he can get! So he just ordered a new all-carbon-fiber Colnago bike, that should be 10 lb lighter than his 20-year-old Colnago, and 5 lb lighter than his 7-year-old Orbea spanish racing bike, which only has carbon forks and stays.

He is now “in-training” which really means he switched from the elliptical stairmaster 20 minutes twice a week at the gym to a Concept II rower for 30 minutes 3x/wk. He has also switched from ice cream to frozen yogurt;)

Anyone who likes to ride, please contact him and he will ride with you, anywhere, anytime, as he really needs to get out and put some miles on his bike!

Mont Ventoux is a famous “named climb” in the Tour de France, which he has watched twice before, but never participated in. Mont Ventoux is the site of the most famous death in the Tour, in 1967, when the professional British cyclist Tom Simpson died on the ascent, within sight of the summit. On his autopsy amphetamines were found in his jersey and in his blood. His famous last words: “Put me back on the bike!” Today, there is a popular shrine on the climb at the site of his death, where riders leave various cycling mementos as tribute to a great rider.

Dr. Chynn will be with a tour group, Thomson Bike Tours, where a “sag wagon” will pick up riders who cannot make it to the top. But he will try hard not to get “picked up”–even though experts recommend that recreational riders use an easier “triple” front chainring, and Dr. Chynn is determined to go the “pro” route with a “double” on the front, like the pros! We will soon find out if this is a brave or foolish decision!

Rhett’s best friend, Rosemary, who is Dr. Chynn’s neighbour across the street, is worried about Rhett’s future in the remote case that Dr. Chynn doesn’t live to tell the tale! So before his departure, he’s promised to make Roe the legal guardian of Rhett in case anything happens to him:)

We wish him luck, and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on his remarkable journey!