The Chynn Family Foundation is recognised by the IRS as a charitable organization, and was established in 2005 to promote education. The Chynn Family Foundation has donated over $100,000 to endowment scholarships to middle school students at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Tenafly, NJ, high school students at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ, college students at Fordham University, and radiology residents at Columbia Medical School. If you’re currently wearing contacts, we guarantee you can afford SafeSight, because all we do is charge you the same amount per month as you’re currently spending (wasting) on contacts. However, if there is no way you can afford to pay even $2 per day to permanently get rid of your glasses and contacts, we have a solution for you: We have a high-end practice, so many of our patients don’t care about the various discounts we offer (like saving $500 for setting up a Corporate Discount at work). We also have patients who are already active in charitable giving, but never get to meet the end-recipient and share their joy (e.g., you never get to meet the child you’re sponsoring in Save the Children).

Therefore, we came up with the following initiative, which is unique in the entire world: If you come in and choose our top-of-the-line Diamond Package, and decide to voluntarily decline any discounts or credits you would qualify for, you can choose one person from our list of eligible candidates, who we would laser for free, as a charity case. We would laser both you and the person whom you are choosing to give the Gift of Sight on consecutive cases, so you can then share the excitement and joy of finally seeing perfectly without glasses or contacts (and the additional bond that you made the other person’s vision possible).