Over the past decade, Dr. Chynn has performed LASEKs for various charities, including the Dartmouth Club of New York, Cordozo Law School, Mt. Sinai Medical School, Pups for Peace (which trains bomb-sniffing dogs in Israel), Our Lady of Pompeii (Dr. Chynn’s church), and V-Day (preventing violence against women).We have raised over $200,000 in total for these charities! Each charity raises between $4,000 – $10,000 per donated LASEK (the regular retail price/value for this donated LASEK is $4,000). The better job that your charity does of promoting this valuable auction/raffle item, the higher you will be on this range! Understand thatpotential donors need to be psychologically prepared to bid or purchase raffle tickets on the free LASEK (unlike other donation items). This is because it is a surgical procedure (not dinner for 4). This means that they will need sufficient ways to “qualify” us as a top-notch center, and Dr. Chynn as a worldclass surgeon. Otherwise they will not be comfortable/confident enough to bid/buy raffle tickets.